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There are multiple ways to search, including by...

  • Newspaper
  • Date Range
  • Keyword
  • City
  • County

The current database (4 weeks) can contain upwards of 25,000 notices, and the archive database (18 months) can contain over 300,000 notices. To help you obtain more accurate results from your search, we have some suggestions:

Search by Specific Newspaper

If you know the specific newspaper a notice will be published in, ALWAYS choose that newspaper.

If you search by a specific newspaper, do not use the City or County fields. This will NOT help your search, and may actually hinder the results.

Search Using the Date Range

The current database consists of notices published in the past 4 weeks. For notices published in the past 18 months, go to the archive database.

Search Using a Keyword

It is suggested that you search using a keyword whenever possible; this will produce fewer and more accurate results. Use keywords such as...

  • a person's name
  • a street address
  • a category of notices (bid, foreclosure, tax deed, etc)
  • a county (Citrus, Lee, Dade, etc)
  • a city (Pensacola, Bartow, Jupiter, etc)

Search by City or County

Each newspaper is assigned a designated City and County. When you search by either of these two fields, the results will be notices published in the newspaper assigned to that specific City or County.

If you select a specific newspaper, do NOT enter a City or County.

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